Mar 24, 2013

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So apparently with the new lending regulations and how cautious banks are these days (I sincerely thank them for that BTW), many homes are not appraising for as much as they are listed for or for as much as the buyer and seller settled on.  This is what has happened to us.  Shocker...we are not cash buyers, we are getting a mortgage like most everyone else so when the appraisal came in at 15K lower than our settled price, we found ourselves in another pickle.  We couldn't get the loan unless it was for the lower amount.  We should know by Tuesday if they are going to take this lower offer.  It will certainly be a win for us but is really stressful!  That is just one week from the day we close on our house!  And just 9 days from when we are scheduled to move in to this new house!

So we didn't do the inspection so I have no pictures to show you.

Ah!  The drama!

On other good news, I realized I hadn't claimed any of my flexible spending account money for childcare...which now means I have found the funds to pay for the new furniture I want for the family room!

Now, let's just get this house already!

~ Sarah

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