Jan 24, 2013

BumGenius Freetime Diaper - not such a Fan


You may know that we are a cloth diapering family.  If I could just get my daycare to use them correctly we would be 100% in love.  They do not change him frequently enough which leads to rashes, use of disposable, etc.  But we will get there I suppose.  I did write about the BumGenius Freetime diaper and how much I loved them.

Well I am not loving them.  They do not get as clean as the standard bumgenius AIO.  And I don't get it because they are the same material.  And the velcro does not stay attached in the wash.  I am using them because it is what we have but if I had to do it all over again I would have only purchased the Bumgenius All In One, velcro.  I know some people like the snaps but my daycare likes the velcro because it goes on quicker.

Any cloth diaper users that read this?  What is your diaper of choice?


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