Dec 6, 2012

DIY Paper Wreath Tutorial

I made this adorable paper Christmas wreath this past weekend and finally have the finished product and full tutorial to show you!
Here is the how to:
1.  First start with a standard straw or foam wreath form.  Then wrap it with brown paper to create a "canvas" in which your glue will easily stick.  I don't have pictures but to wrap the wreath cut your brown paper into strips and wind it around the wreath like ribbon and secure with hot glue.
2.  Next cut 1 inch wide strips of scrap book paper in 3-5 different complimentary patterns.  I used 40-50 strips for this project.
3.  Next make loops with your paper by folding the paper over.

Using a hot glue gun, you will want to glue your loops down like this:

rather than this because you will use less paper and less glue.

Following a pattern worked well and looked nice. 

Although all the papers were green - they were muted in tone so the wreath is nice and neutral.

I added a pop of shimmer with the ribbon and attached it to this mirror above our entry table.

Such an easy and pretty decoration!

I love seeing my whimsical mantel in the background!  This is definitely a project to try.  So easy and reasonable.

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