Dec 20, 2012

Caroling Party

So I just have to say that the news that we received last week makes me so incredibly sad.  I look at Reed and I cannot imagine what these parents are going through.  Let alone the shooter's family.  Can you imagine if your child did something like this?  The guilt, the sadness.  Oh just so many emotions.

I did have a great caroling party in my neighborhood on Tuesday night which I wanted to share with you.  You can see this post and several others on Quite The Occasion.  Please, please please check out Quite The Occasion.  Your support in following this blog has meant so much and I would very much appreciate you seeing me over there as well.  You can like us on FB really easily right on the home page.  Thanks!

Now for pictures!

I coverd these basic coffee cups with paper so they would be party "worthy".  Check out the Tutorial here.

It was so nice to be with people and bring joy to others after this hard week.

Peace be with you,


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