Nov 7, 2012

Easy Napkin Fold For A Dinner Party

I am always looking for different ways to fold napkins and set a table.  I love how people are letting the napkins hang down - so easy and so pretty.  Especially when you want to add a pop of color.

There is actually a whole website dedicated to this called!  I do think some of the traditional folds are a bit fussy.

Like!  Certainly would make for a conversation starter!  What is this exactly?  And what do you do with the little cup when you put your napkins in you lap?

The Twin Candle Napkin Ring Roll
I tend to lean to more simple designs.  I was out to dinner last night and thought the way the restaurant folded our napkins and placed the utensils was simple and easy.  I might try it for my next gathering!

Basically they folded the napkin in a square and then placed the utensils on top over your small plate.

Theresa and I are styling a wedding in Manhattan so we have been thinking of napkin folds.  Do you have a favorite fold?  Did something work well for your wedding?  Please share!

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