Oct 30, 2012

Yankee Themed 2nd Birthday Party: Welcome Signs and Score Board

For Gavin's birthday party this past weekend, I created the signage to go along with the great theme and elements Theresa put together.

Guests were directed to the back yard to enter the party with this sign. 

Have you heard of the baseball great Gavin "Go Get 'em" Miller?  What a guy!

When guests got to the back yard they entered through the back gate.

Theresa made this great baseball bunting to hang on the fence and around the party area.

And of course every ball field needs a score board.  I created this simply with a piece of Masonite board painted with chalkboard paint.  I then drew out the scoreboard with chalk rather than painting it on.  I thought that a plain chalkboard would be more useful than a scoreboard for future parties!

The party turned out very cute!  And everyone had so much fun.

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