Oct 22, 2012

Yankee Baseball Theme 2nd Birthday Party

My friend and business partner, Theresa, is throwing the most adorable birthday party for her son, Gavin.  A native New Yorker, they LOVE the Yankees and are turning their home into "Miller Field" for the big day.  Look at this adorable invitation she made that looks like a ticket!

Sorry it is grainy...I was trying to block out her personal information and compromised the photo.  I am helping with some of the signs and a custom photo booth. My first sign is done...can't wait to continue working on this super cute party this week!

This sign will sit in the front yard directing guests around the side of the house and through the back yard gate to the one and only Miller Field...home of baseball great Gavin "Go Get 'em" Miller!


  1. Beautiful invitation! I like the idea to be like the ticket.

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