Oct 16, 2012


I got back from the beach on Sunday thoroughly exhausted after having a great time with my family.  I hadn't really put together any posts and was planning on working on them last night when I got some sad news.  An old friend from high school passed away.  It was unexpected and tragic and apparently he had been battling lots of hardships for many years.  When I got the call, I said "I had no idea...he always seemed so upbeat on Facebook."  Seriously Sarah?  Facebook isn't real life and isn't a substitute for how people are really living their lives and feeling.  He and his family are in my prayers and thoughts.

Thinking of him makes me think of memories, how to pay attention to those around me better and to be a good friend to those in my life.  Have I always been the best at this?  No.  Not even close.  But I will keep trying.  I have lots of memories of my friend.  How do you preserve your memories?  Right now I have a bunch of photos in a box...this got me searching for better and more creative ways to preserve my memories.  I found some really good ideas.

Click on the photo to go to the link.

Great way to organize your child's best school and art work.

Collages for trips or concert tours from My Haven at Home.
Through a sketchbook journal from Jenny's Sketchbook.
Through charm bracelets - this is such a Southern thing.  Each charm represents something in your life - a trip, an activity in school, a friend.
Creating a memories board game to play as a family.  I am totally going to create this for my Mom and Dad!  Thanks Disney.com for the Christmas present idea.
Preserving Family Memories: A Game of Stories
This last one really gets to the root of it because the game encourages you to talk about family memories.  These objects or charms are only good if someone knows the story behind it.
Tonight there is a vigil for my friend.  I know there will be lots of stories shared and memories rekindled.  I hope this brings some joy to his family and all those who loved him.
E.C.  Glass Prom - 1998 - Lynchburg, VA
Thanks Carey for being such a great prom date...you even got me a corsage! 
You were a good friend and kind hearted person.  This picture was taken before a very fun night - we were seniors, invincible and ready to explore the world.  What a great party we had!  I know all who knew you miss you.  You and your family are in my prayers.


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