Oct 31, 2012

It's A Bird, It's A Plane

No, can it be?  It's our hero, our champ that keeps the stars shining bright, who makes wishes come true....the Twinkle Twinkle STAR AVENGER!

Talk about a last minute costume!  I was struggling to put something together for Reed and when I found these bandannas and sunglasses I purchased a few years ago for my Muscle Walk for MDA team, a the Twinkle Twinkle Star Avenger was born!

And even better this costume was completely free!

I decorated a simple white onesie that we already had, paired them with some cute Zutano pants, added the glasses and bandannas and we had ourselves a little hero!

Of course every hero needs a secret weapon.  The Star Avenger uses this disc to ward off enemies who come and try and take the stars out of the sky.  Even the disc was free!  I used a cake round that I had left over from Reed's party.

I am sure he is going to look back at this and wonder what the heck he was wearing but he sure was cute!

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