Oct 9, 2012

Candle Centerpiece - Manhattan Wedding Brainstorming

Theresa and I are certainly going big for our first wedding.  Our bride is from Manhattan and getting married right in the big apple.  We can't wait.  She loves simplicity and fell in love with these centerpieces from Martha Stewart.

Sleek Taper Centerpiece
You can find lots of great candle centerpieces by searching for "affordable centerpieces" or "candle centerpieces" on MS or even just in google.
So with the purchase of lots of great vases and candle holders, we decided to put some arrangements together to see what she thought.  Our bride wants a white on white look which will be so simple and elegant in her beautiful space of Guastivino's in Manhattan.
Here is what we came up with...what do you like best? 

And the winner is....this last one!  They liked using all 6 tapered candles and 7 pillared candles.  Can't wait to put it all together!


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