Sep 2, 2012

Large Party Game - Who Do You Know Scavenger Hunt

I am heading up the raffle/decor/games committee for my neighborhood's upcoming block party.  I can't wait to show you all the cool stuff we are creating to decorate for this party.  Along with good food and decorations, a good party needs entertainment.  A really cheap (and super fun) game to play is a twist on the scavenger hunt.  Because one of our goals with our block party is to help neighbors meet one another we are playing a "Who Do you Know?" Game.  Here are the instructions.

Set Up:  Give each participant a pen or pencil and a Who Do You Know Game Sheet.  Ask that they complete each question and return to you for a prize.  

Rules of the Game:  Kids must play this game with their parents.  They can only use one signature/neighbor per question.


Do you know your neighbors?  We bet you will know a few more after this game!  Complete each question and return for an awesome prize.  Kids, you must complete this game with your parents.  Note: the goal of the game is to meet as many neighbors as you you can only use one neighbor per clue.   

1.  Find a neighbor wearing red, introduce yourself and ask them their favorite flavor of ice cream.  Get their name below and be sure to tell them your favorite flavor too!

Name: ______________________  Favorite Flavor: _______________

2.  Spy anyone with a hat on?  Introduce yourself and ask them where they got their head gear.

Name:  ______________________ Hat Origin: __________________

3.  Do you see anyone with an Hawaiian shirt on?  Ask them what beach they love to go to.

Name:   ______________________ Beach: ____________________

4.  Find three people who share your birthday month:
_____________________, ______________________, _________________

5.  Get the name of a neighbor that is originally from Charlotte.

Name: _________________________

6.  Introduce yourself to three neighbors that do not live on your street:

7.  Find someone who has the same favorite food as you.

Name: ________________________ Favorite Food: _____________

8.  Meet a neighbor who has lived in Selwyn Park for more than 5 years.

Name: ________________________

9.  Meet a neighbor who has lived in Selwyn Park for less than 1 year.

Name: ________________________

10.  Find a neighbor that has a pet and write down both of their names.

Name: ___________________  Pet's Name(s) ___________________________

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