Sep 7, 2012

Family Unplugged Activity Book - Picnic in the Park Birthday Party Favors

I can't believe Reed's party is just one week away!  My baby will be one!  Ah!  As you know we are holding a picnic in the park to celebrate the big day.  We love the idea of everyone getting outside and having some good old fashioned fun with their family.   I wanted to continue with this idea for the party favor.  I thought of Frisbees for each family or even a game when it hit me to create an activity booklet with great ideas that do not require batteries or the latest technology.  Family Unplugged! 

I had always played capture the flag and kick the can when I was little but I knew there had to be more games out there.  So I started my search and I found tons of good ideas!  I wanted to share my ideas with you.  Have fun playing these games at your next party or with your family!  The image above is the cover page.

To make the book I placed four 3x5 pages on one standard sheet of paper.  I am going to print them on red, blue and yellow card stock to go with my theme and secure them with coordinating ribbon. 

Very unique party favor and easy to make!  Would be a great present for PE teachers too!

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