Aug 10, 2012

It's A Nice Day For A Manhattan White Wedding

Theresa and I are helping to style a Manhattan wedding.  I am so super excited!  The venue, Guastavino's, is beautiful and is full of great architectural elements, magical lighting opportunities and an old world feeling.

This will be an interesting project because we will do most everything from Charlotte but will be helping to arrange the decor the day of.  She is also on a tight budget so our creativity and resourcefulness will come in handy. 

She will be using the white linens that come with the venue and I have been scoping white tablescapes for ideas and inspiration.  We can't wait to come up with the final design board!

This bouquet is made of ranaculous flowers which are fairly inexpensive but beautiful.

I liked this one because it shows a beautiful table without the full tall arrangements.

Ignore the paper flowers and the Christmas ornaments...I liked the idea of small arrangements of flowers in mint julep cups.

The use of the mirror makes the light extend further.  Again, ranunculus flowers are used in a simple round vase.

I liked these paper luminaries and thought about using something like this or paper lanterns up an elegant staircase.  I also like how the napkins are simply folded and hanging off of the table.

Here is a tall arrangement...again I think it is too busy but the look of the queen Anne's lace and baby's breath is so elegant and could be mimicked in smaller arrangements if the bride likes it.

A great way to save money on arrangements is to use candles like this.  I think a design of multiple taper, pillar and votive candles with small arrangements of flowers would be romantic and simple.

Not so wild about the tall centerpieces but I love how the candlelight is reflecting on all of the glass.

I also like how the napkins are folded in this one.  Makes a nice pocket to put the menu in.  The branch is cool too although I am not sure this version would flow with the space. 

All photos are from Martha Stewart.

Lot's of great ideas out there!  Have you put together an inexpensive centerpiece?  If so, please share!

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