Aug 16, 2012

Black & White Paper Luminaries - Manhattan Wedding Idea

When we sent some inspiration photos to our Manhattan bride, she liked these paper luminaries from Martha Stewart.

The venue has a great spiral staircase that guests will take up to the reception area once the cocktail hour is done downstairs.  One event on their website placed jack-o-lanterns going up the stairwell.  We thought these luminaries would be the perfect thing to guide guests upstairs.


They are very sweet, simple and inexpensive to create.  I wanted to give them a whirl so I printed the free printable on standard paper.  To do the accordian fold you need 11x17 paper or legal sized paper.  Most likely we will do that for the wedding but for now the basic paper is a good trial run.

(note weird blurry photo - Rudy got me a new camera and I was trying out the effects - supposedly this is what you should use for a wedding?)

Here you can see them going up my deck steps - not quite the grand spiral staircase at Guastavinos in NYC but definitely gives the idea. 

It is hard to tell in these photos but they looked awesome.  Crazy that it was just folded pieces of paper!  I can't wait for Theresa and I to start working on all of the details!

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