Jul 9, 2012

The Un-Losable Pool Key

My family means well, we are nice people and we try really hard but unfortunately we have the "Baldwin Curse".  This means that literally we would probably lose our heads if they weren't attached. 

When I got down the beach, I discovered that out of three families (who all had multiple pool keys at some point) not one of them had our key to the pool.  We pulled the whole "we forgot our key" number a few times which was a little embarrassing but it got us in. 

So when Mom found her pool key, I decided to make a big loud obnoxious key ring and special hook for it to hang on so we wouldn't be without again.

Mom had a set of shims leftover from something and I found some paint and brushes over at my brother's house.  With my supplies in hand I got to work.

First I nailed a hold in the shim...I ended up nailing several to make a big enough opening.

Then I took a screwdriver and made a perfect round hole.  The wood on a shim is quite malleable so this was very easy.

Then I got to painting.  I made the purple swirls by putting on a big glob of paint and scrapping it away with the end of the brush.

Here is the finished product. 

And here it is hanging right by the front door with a note from the management.

If I get down the beach and it is gone I am going to cry!  How do you keep up with your keys?  What has worked for you?

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