Jul 31, 2012

Nautical Themed 1st Birthday Party Pictures - Setting the Scene

The nautical themed party for Ethan's 1st birthday was a success!  Theresa and I had so much fun putting together all of the great details for this special occasion.

is really important to set the scene with a party as guests enter.  To start, we styled the front entrance with balloons, a welcome sign and flag bunting.

We used golf tees to place the anchor the balloons into the ground.  We didn't need a ton of balloons to convey the message we wanted....i.e. that guests had reached the party house!  We purchased the balloons at party city.  They were a bit expensive but convenient because they were all ready to go. 
If we have a party where we are going to have many balloons, we may consider getting a helium tank and doing them ourselves.  It will be cheaper and it would be hard to fit a ton of balloons in our car and still be able to see!

Theresa made the great banner that said "Ahoy Matey!" in red, white and blue paper and cute printables.  Guests oohed and ahhed as they entered which was such a great compliment!

I created this custom sign that hung on the front door using paper, poster board, ribbon and Masonite board.  The hostess is actually keeping the sign to put in their lake house - how perfect!

There are so many details to this party that I am spreading them out over the week.  This really was an adorable theme for a first birthday party.  I am so glad Rudy was able to stop by and snap these great images.  Thanks sweetie!

Did you notice that little watermark in the photo? Theresa and I are one step closer to making our party styling business a reality!  Quite The Occasion - Inspired Events and Parties!

I will be sharing all of our plans and updates from now until our big launch just after Thanksgiving.  Thanks for being on the journey with me!

Stay tuned for more great pictures tomorrow and a kid-friendly nautical guest book!

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