Jul 27, 2012

Nautical Party Hat

You just can't have a 1st birthday party without an adorable party hat for the birthday boy.  I loved how this turned out for tomorrow's party!

It was pretty easy to make with the help of a store bought hat to use as a template, scrap book paper, yarn, card stock and glue. 

I cut out red paper for the base and trimmed it with 2 strips of blue checked (or you could use any pattern) paper and cut it to create a fringe. because the blue paper was going around a circle, it buckled a bit. Not terribly but you could see it close up. So to remedy that, I put the red on top to cover up any unfinished edges.

To create the pom pom on top I looped the yarn back and forth and secured it with a longer piece of yarn.  I actually made two of these and tied them together to get a fuller pom pom.  My intention was to cut the strings but my niece said it was cute to leave them as loops.  I pushed the longer strings down through the top of the hat and taped them down from the inside.

I used a anchor clip art as my guide to draw out the anchor embellishment and simply glued it to the the front.  Lastly I punched a hole under the fringe and tied to pieces of yarn to keep it secure during pictures.  I am going to leave the elastic that comes with these hats on next time.  Fingers crossed this stays!

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