Jun 25, 2012

Party Dreaming Organization

Do you dream of party ideas?  I do.  All. The. Time.  I jump on any chance I can get to host or help plan a party.  I see so many cute ideas in the magazines I suscribe too but the thing is they just sit there.  So when I think about something I want to do I can't remember what issue the idea was in and I don't really want to go back through 3 years worth of magazines.  So I decided to start a party idea file.

I selected a few categories like Creative Food Display, Fall, holidays (non-Christmas), young children's parties, early elementary children's parties, tablescapes and place settings, floral displays and adult birthday parties.  I will add more categories as time goes on but this was a good start.

Here are some of things I pulled.  I loved this trifle for the holidays.  This idea could be done in smaller tasting glasses and with any kind of trifle.  How cute would red, white and blue be for the 4th?

I loved these oversized balloons!  Such a grown up version of the old favorite.  You can buy these (36" round balloons at Party City and at Balloon Fast)

I also liked this vase.  Seems like a great way to arrange flowers to look good if you don't quite know what you are doing...like yours truly!

I have seen these a bunch of places but wanted to pull the pic for the reference.  I have also seen smaller versions with batter lights in them hanging on trees.  Very cute.

I am heading up the committee for my neighborhood block party for games, decorations and raffle prizes so I am on the hunt for inexpensive decoration ideas.  Also I have Reed's first birthday to plan and a murder mystery party in October.  Lots of fun stuff to plan!

My friend and I styled a going away party this past weekend...turned out really cute!  Pics of that coming later this week!


  1. Sarah this sounds like me before I started my own business ;) I just daydreamed all the time about decorating! And now I do it for a living, it's awesome!

    You really have a great talent for this.. whenever we do have a baby, I'm going to tell my mom and my mother-in-law to have you style the baby shower (if they come out and throw me one haha) :)

    1. Thanks Bryn! I can't wait for it all to come together!

  2. Wonderful ideas! Many thanks for sharing!

  3. A party idea file…now isn't that helpful! Thank you for the tips. These will surely be helpful for those tasked to plan fun birthdays anytime of the year.


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