May 2, 2012

The Pop In

Have you heard of the "Pop In" phenomenon?  I think it is the reason why I have found the coolest things in my house.

You know that saying that if you have money to spend, you can't find anything to buy?  But when you don't, you see so many things?  That is sort of true for me except that when I am looking for something I can't find it, but when I am not I see all kinds of great things.  That is where the pop in comes in to play.  Sometimes you just need to pop in places because you never know what you are going to find.

All the best things I have ever found have been by happenstance.  Yesterday before the painting party,  I "popped in" the Ross near my house.  Typically this Ross does not have the best inventory.  But its a you never know kind of thing.  And I was in luck!  I found these great outdoor pillows for only $6.99 apiece!

So glad I did!  Kind of nautical but not over the top.  I do need to freshen up the other cushions...fade resistant is what I am on the hunt for.  Any tips - please share!

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