May 7, 2012

Mediterranean Inspired Kitchen

I love an impromptu party...especially if someone hosts one and invites us!  For Cinco de Mayo, our new friends in the neighborhood, Sharon and Ricky, invited us over for some margaritas to celebrate the occasion.  Several other couples from the neighborhood came as well and we all brought margarita fixings, dips and other yummy food.  Sharon and Ricky made awesome soft tacos. 

Below is Russ' "Famous Dip" - this was the first time he made it...and he thought if he called it famous, we would want to eat it even more.  I have no idea what was in it but it was so good!  The verbiage worked and we all ate a ton of it!

All the pretty colors in the foods we served make me think of kitchens on the Mediterranean.  I love the painted tile you can find, the rustic designs and the open air feeling in a Mediterranean kitchen.  Plus you just feel like the food is going to taste better don't you? 

Sharon has these lovely painted tiles hanging in her kitchen that belonged to her Grandmother.  I love them!  Plus they are the perfect touch of an authentic Mediterranean "look" without being too over the top.

(I did take some close up but they were blurry!  I guess I should have taken the photos before I had my first margarita!  Oh, I wish I could really blame it on that...reality is I need to get better at taking pictures!)

I did some research and found some Mediterranean kitchens I LOVED and others that were the more subdued version of Mediterrean.  With lots of scrolls and iron work.

I kind of think the look has to grow and evolve with a variety of colors and textures...I definitely lean towards a look like this.  A simple modern version of Mediterranean...

Mediterranean Kitchen Design Ideas

Than this...I know many would say this is beautiful and yes it would be great to cook I like more colors. 

I really like this one...can you tell I like turquoise?  I think that tile is really important in a Mediterranean styled kitchen.  Another thing to note here are the unique elements...the mounting above the stove is not something you see in a kitchen everyday!  And again colors!  The brighter the better.

Below, the space in this one is awesome!  But the one above just makes you want to have fun when cooking doesn't it?  Below makes me worried I would break something. 

Here is another one I like.  I always knew I liked Kelsey Grammer!

If you want to add the Mediterranean look without forking over tons of money for new tile.  You can opt to hang some like Sharon did as art.  I found this shop on etsy with hand painted tiles.

Handpainted Neo-Mexican Custom Ceramic Tile -- Made to Order

Also I think any way to bring in additional colors but in a natural not so matchy matchy way.  Turquoise vase, bright cooking utensils, copper kettle, new paint color, painted rustic kitchen table. 

Hope you had a great Cinco de Mayo!  Mine was fun and inspiring!

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