May 14, 2012

Finished Painting: Title Suggestions?

I am so excited that I painted a painting this weekend for the MDA Silent Auction!  You are not supposed to paint from a picture but trying to paint on location during nap time was not possible.  So I selected this scene from the back of my Southern Living.

Like in every painting, I started with the usual suspects - primaries and white.

Then I mixed my colors.  Usually you are supposed to just do 5 piles (and then modulate later) but for this I did 8 and a few more more later.

I love this light periwinkle blue and how it looks near this happy butter cream yellow.

I also loved this deeper blue.  At this point I was thinking HOLLA - this just might be a good painting!

So then I started painting and hit a bit of a problem.  You see my under painting was too thick and was not dry.  So I needed to lay on a lot more paint...otherwise my sky was going to be orange.  So I literally smeared a ton of white paint straight from the tube on the canvas.  Then I modulated from there.  It worked!  Whew!

This was as far as I got before Reed woke up from his nap.

So I pulled him outside in the exersaucer and kept working.

I got to this point and was loving the sky and the water.  But the trees were needing something.  Reed was getting a little bored so I stopped working to wait for Rudy's opinion.  He was due home from work in an hour or so.  He is good to look at my pieces objectively mid-way through and give me suggestions.

When Rudy came home we determined to modulate the trees much further by varying the lights and darks as well as adding some more dimension to the water. 

This is what I ended up with!  So excited!  So I need a title for this one.  Sometimes titles for paintings are so cheesy.  I just try to go with what something is but hitting a mental block.  What would you name it?  Any suggestions?

Because I globbed on the white paint, it is going to take more than a few days to dry.  I am going to leave a fan on it for several days straight in hopes of getting it to dry faster.  Eek!  I hope it dries in time! 

Does anyone know of ways to get paintings to dry faster?  If so please share.  Stay tuned for the official title and finished piece framed and ready for the auction!  

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  1. Japan Drier by Grumbacher helps, but use it sparingly and it can slightly darken the lightest colors. It's like $5 at cheap joes.


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