May 16, 2012

Covering A Chain Length Fence With Vines

Rudy and I have a section of our chain length fence that we need to camouflage.  We are putting in new fencing for part of the yard but leaving our chain length fence intact. 

We are going to start our new fence where our neighbors fence stops but as you can see we have a section of chain length that will need to be spruced up.

Our thought is that we could cover the fence with vines.  We currently have ivy that would work.  I took some of the longer pieces and wrapped it around the fencing to encourage it to grow.

I am thinking though it may look better to use prettier vines.  I found an article on listing other things you can use such as black eyed Susans which I love.

Thunbergia alata (Black-eyed Susan vine) 070308-5467

And Cardinal Climber...

New England Folk Network

And I do love jasmine vines which I bought recently.  So we shall see.  I think our new fence will be in by the end of June most likely.  All depends on when we can get the time to put it in.

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