May 10, 2012

Alternative Uses for Vintage Handkerchiefs

Apparently waving goodbye?

Waving goodbye to handkerchiefs?  Because gone are the days of people using them.  They have been replaced with kleenex and plenty of over the counter medications to nip a runny nose or watery eyes in the bud.  But there are lots of sweet vintage handkerchiefs out there.

I have two lovely ones from my friend Lindsay.  This past weekend, Monkey, my exceptional hairless chihuahua, was feeling a bit festive.  It being Cinco De Mayo and all.  So I used one of my hankies to make a little bandana for her.

Seeing her with it on got me wondering all the things you could do with them besides how they were actually intended.  Here is what I came up with.

Dressing up a plain vase:

A drip catcher on a water carafe:

Fly deterrant for bowls of food for an outdoor picnic:

Punch of color on a plain purse:

Accent for a basket:

Wrap for serving utensils for traveling:

I love the pattern on this one.  She gave me this to wrap around my bouquet when I was a bridesmaid.  (and another use!)  Daffodils are my favorite flower.

Then with a quick search I found all of these awesome ideas on pinterest. 

Love these curtains! 

Vintage hankies ... so sweet!

You can find this and a whole lot more at

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