Apr 27, 2012

Plein Air Painting At the Beach

I am hitting the road today with Rudy and Reed to go to Wilmington, NC.  We will be visiting my friend Karen and her husband Mike - yay!!!

While I am there I am going to paint some beach scenes.  I want to paint one at least and then get some good pictures to come home and paint more.  I have never painted beach scenes so I went online to look for some inspiration.

I found Debbie Miller's blog and website...I love them and I want one!

Here is a beach scene...

And here are some people watching (which we all know the beach is awesome for!)...

Look at this one below.  You see how the shadow on the towel is just one quick strong stroke?  And the highlight?  Look at her leg too...I love this...not all detailed and busy with random paint strokes just because.  She painted what was there and left it.  I love the background too. You can tell it is the beach, yes.  Are their waves or each little grain of sand?  No.  That is the beauty of plein air.  You are outside so you have to work fast.  That means you are more intentional with your strokes.  Bolder. 

I love this beach scene with the umbrella.  This is what we are going to be most of the day Saturday!  We have an upright paddle board, we got an umbrella, we got sunscreen, we got painting supplies, we got cards, we got good friends.  It is going to be great!

Looking at these paintings gets me inspired!  I hope I come home with some good ones!

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  1. I love these!! I love how they have little bits of color from the people and umbrellas! Can't wait to see your masterpiece!


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