Apr 2, 2012

Being Green

Reed and I walked to the grocery store this weekend.  I felt very green.  Here is the stroller loaded with beer and wine to take to our supper club, bananas and carrots to make Reed's food, lunch provisions and a few other odds and ends.

I care about the environment and recycle, try not to drive in excess, reuse when I can, etc.  But I wouldn't say I am 100% - just do my best to be a good steward of this earth when I can.  I am pleasantly surprised how my lifestyle has shaped up to be much more green than I anticipated.

My husband and I can both walk to work.  We live in a modest house that is pretty small meaning we aren't using a bunch of energy by heating space we don't need.  Because of said small space, we tend not to buy a bunch of stuff we don't need either.  We can also walk to the grocery store, several restaurants, bars, exercise facilities, shops, a movie theatre, park with playground, banks, Reed's daycare and even an emergency vet.  We cannot walk to a doctor's office which is the only necsessity I can think of that isn't nearby.  If an urgent care opened up, all would be right in the world of our little area of Charlotte.

Did I plan this?  No.  But do I love it?  Yes.  My commute is 3 mintues, cleaning takes me very little time and I don't spend a lot in gas.  Can I be greener?  Yes.  But I think I am off to a pretty good start!

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