Apr 9, 2012

Antique Milk Glass Lamps Fit For A Modern Day Princess

Well for these two little princesses actually!

 My brother, Peter, and his wife, Sharon, are the proud parents of two very sweet little twin girls (and another girl on the way!).  Abbie and Gracie lit up our lives the minute they were born.  Of course Rudy and I are extremely blessed with 15 nieces and nephews in total and I absolutely do not have favorites.  They are all so different and luckily I have been able to spend some really good quality time with each and every one of them over the years.  So no, I do not have favorites, but I will say that these two are my favorite twins ever.  And they are all about Reed which is so cute.

Here is Reed with some of his cousins this past weekend.

I was visiting my brothers at the beach this past weekend for Easter (more on their house later) and saw these two new lamps in their bedroom. 

Sometimes you see things like this and think they are only good for shabby chic or antique looking decor.  Milk Glass is popular now but would you think little girls?  I probably wouldn't have. 

But I love how they put these funky shades on them.  And they are updated now don't you think?  So cute!

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