Mar 7, 2012

Traveling With A Baby

Reed Ready to Go to VEGAS!

It is 5:00 AM in Vegas and Rudy and Reed are on the road headed to Red Rocks to take pictures and explore.  My husband is a photographer as a business and side gig.  He takes the best pictures - I can't wait to see how they turn out!

When preparing for this trip I learned that people can be very accommodating for babies.  Here are some things that made this trip easier:

1.      If you have a baby you get to go through the priority and medical liquids line.  Expressed milk is A-Ok.

2.      I was worried we were going to need to bring our pack-n-play but pleasantly surprised that both the casino in Vegas (South Point) and Flanigan’s Inn in Springdale, UT have cribs with sheets for us to use.

3.      The rental car company had a car seat we could rent for $60.  We opted to bring our own to save money.  $60 isn’t bad but since our car seat sits in our stroller it isn’t really a pain to bring and saving that $60 means more yummy food and wine for Mommy and Daddy on the trip!

4.      Take pacifiers and milk for baby to use and drink on the way up and down on the flight.  It will help their ears.  Pediatrician said Tylenol too in case his ears were bothering him.

5.      Kept it simple – we brought his stroller, car seat, clothes and just a few toys for the plane.  Would having the bumbo be nice?  The Johnny jump up fun?  Sure, but we didn’t want to fool with it.  We figured being with Mommy and Daddy 24/7 and all the new lights, sounds and scenery would be entertainment enough.

6.  You can check your carseat or carseat base for free. 

Here is Reed sitting in Rudy's lap on the plane - I got this when I was sitting in one of my sessions.  My heart melted when I saw Reed's hand on Rudy's.  So sweet.

Having these little things made the trip more doable.  It is a great vacation so far – can’t wait to get to Zion!

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