Mar 5, 2012

Plane Bathrooms Have Outlets!

I am excited that as you read this I will be in Las Vegas for a work conference.  Even more excited in that Rudy and Reed will be arriving tomorrow.  After my meeting concludes on Thursday, we are headed up to the Zion National Park area to stay in Springdale, Utah.  It is a beautiful area and the perfect place to have our first family vacation!

Not sure if you caught that this means Rudy will be flying with Reed (6 months) solo from Charlotte to Vegas…4.5 hour flight!  Eek!  Hope Reed is a good little boy!

I flew on Sunday with all of our luggage in tow.  I didn’t want Rudy to have to worry about hauling a large suitcase since he was already going to have his hands full with the stroller, car seat and of course little dude.  Bertha (the gigantic roller suitcase my MIL loaned me for the trip) was stuffed to the gills.  When I weighed her at check in I was in a pinch because she weighed 62 pounds!  Ooops, I guess my theory of weighing her on my home scale – you know weigh yourself holding the suitcase, then not holding the suitcase – was not very accurate.  If you continue to read this blog and get to know me better, you will see that these little snafus are just par for the course.  Numbers just ain’t my thang.

That was super fun pulling things out at check-in let me tell you.  The airport was really busy and people were irritated.  I was quickly removing what I could including a bunch of diapers, big bag of fruit and Rudy’s tripod.  Diapers were flying everywhere until I got the weight limit right.  The kind ladies behind the desk put them back in the suitcase after it weighed an approved 51 lbs though which was nice.

I ended up carrying his tripod and stuffing the fruit into my pump bag.  I didn’t mind carrying the tripod.  La Leche would be so proud in that I didn’t miss a beat with the pumping on this long flight.  This was the first time I had to pump on the plane.  I used the lavatory and told the flight attendants what I was up to.  I didn’t want them to think something happened to me in there. J I immediately hooked up my battery pack but realized about 10 minutes in that there was a power outlet.  Awesome!  I learn something new every time I fly.

You know this breast feeding has been a commitment but now that I am 6 months into it and have 4 plane trips under my belt, I feel like I could do it for as long as my body lets me.

Also, my supply was starting to dwindle.  More water, more food, one more pumping session a day and fenugreek and 1 week later I was pumping more than I needed.  Whew!

Can’t wait to fill you all in on all of the fun things we do on this trip!

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