Mar 27, 2012

Fire Pit In Action!

I posted about the fire pit I made for Rudy and I couldn't wait for us to use it!  We used it on Sunday night and really enjoyed being outside.  We even had dinner sitting by it!  Here is Rudy pre-dinner tying flies for his Monday fishing trip.

Of course when you have a fire pit, you must have some chairs to sit in to enjoy it.  And preferably chairs with cup holders.  I picked up these great cypres adirondack chairs in Troy, NC for about $75 apiece.  They were already assembled and are very sturdy.  I have been on the hunt for a good deal on these types of chairs and although not super cheap, these were one of the best prices I have seen without having to assemble them yourself.  If you have seen better deals, let me know!

I like how the chairs back up to the french doors.  It makes a nice flow from upstairs to downstairs.  I still have work to do down here.  See that raised brick bed in the background?

I thought it was a good place to put wood for the fire and purchased this for $15 from Big Lots.

Originally there was  not a deck on this house so the lower level was the only patio.  These planters were probably used more then but now they are in the way.  We are not doing any major work down here so I am not going to take them out.  I am going to fill this planter with gravel instead.  We also have a longer one that sits completely under the deck now.  It is now being used to store lumber but hopefully I can  think of something better to do with it!

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