Feb 21, 2012

More Shower Pictures

I realized that I didn't put any photos of us actually enjoying the shower!  Here is Eloise and the hostesses - Jenni, Me, Mindie and little Maggie (Elise's future BFF).

Flower arrangement in the lower level.  This has been the most awesome thing...I got it as a wedding present and use it every time I have a party.  Makes arranging super easy!

Opening gifts!  Elise got such sweet things!

Eloise and Elise's grandmothers.

Table set up...

I did an exercise last week with my team in New York about details and learned that I am quick to miss the small details.  I like to think that it makes me more "big picture" in thinking.  This was evident in the fact that when I took off this tablecloth below I realized that it had been on upside down...oops!  Good thing it was as pretty on the underside as it was on the top!

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