Feb 29, 2012

If I...

was into mid-century design and was edgy in my style I would have a dining room with these dishes and this furniture.

This past weekend I finally made my way to the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall.  I cannot believe I had never been there!  Recently I heard two people talking about it so I knew I had to go and check it out. When I go to these places, I like to play a little game called "If I".  Where I fill in the blank of how I would use some of the neat things I see.  They had a lot of good things but the prices did not seem that great.  I feel like I see much better deals at Classic Attic.  But there were some good deals - you just had to dig.  The place is huge too which makes it fun for a few hours of poking around. 

Okay so let's get started...

If I...had a big old antebellum home with expansive porches I would take these two columns and put a board on them to create a side board.  At parties I would have a mint julep or wine station here.  When not entertaining I would have a vignette of flowers, plants and out door do dads.

If I had a mud room I would put this bench in it with hooks and storage above it so my kids would have a place to stop and take off their snow boots in the winter, drop their school supplies and coats and such.  Underneath I would place storage bins so they each had a spot for extra things.

If I had a large landing I would cover this in something fun and durable and make a cozy reading nook.  Or If I had a formal living room I would cover it is something feminine and delicate with bold pillows.

If I had a bed and breakfast I would have mismatched plates like this to serve breakfast on.

And I would have pretty linens like these vintage chenile ones.

If I needed a great large light fixture in a hall or over my dining table I would buy this and paint it a fun color like bright yellow, plum or aqua.  This was only $65 and quite large so I think this was a good deal!

If I had a coffin rental business...WHAT?  You should have seen my face when I saw this.  I was in la la land thinking about all the cool things I could do when I spied this.  CA-REEEPY! 

And $850?  Is there a market for this? 

Anyway I had lots of fun and will definitely go back from time to time.  Especially when I do have a need...we will, one day, be moving to a bigger place, so there will be purchases to make!

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  1. Love the "WHAT" about the coffin! I could hear you saying it as I read it in that funny way that Mike makes fun of us for. Hahahaha!

    That chandelier you saw would be great painted a fun color - love that idea!


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