Feb 24, 2012

How Long To Microwave a Sponge to Disinfect it?

2 minutes according to WebMD.

How long to disinfect my entire house?  Hoping I can do it in this naptime. 

You know how you always hear parents say that once they had kids they were always sick all the time and pass things back and forth to each other?  I honestly thought they were exaggerating.  Nope.  It is true and it is annoying.  Luckily we are just passing around a cold/cough/throat thang/feeling gross.  No spitting up up...knock on wood!  So today I am staying home and completely disinfecting my house. 

Washing everything.

Bleaching everything.

Boiling all of his bottles, pumping gear and pacis.

I don't know if this will help but I have to feel in control of something here because Reed doesn't need any drugs, I can't take any because I am breast feeding and I am just tired of being sick and tired!

Oh, I hope we are better soon!  We are taking a family trip to Utah and I don't want us to be sick!  I have big plans for hiking, plein air painting, relaxing, etc.

I am also planning on making homemade chicken noodle soup today...stay tuned for the recipe!

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