Feb 16, 2012

China Cabinet

I have this China Cabinet that was given to me by my step grandmother.  My grandfather passed away and he wanted me to have it so it makes it special.

I like antiques (old things like Rudy says) but I like to mix them up with new and contemporary furniture, decor, etc.  I recently tweaked the arrangement of dishes and serving pieces in my cabinet.  After the shower this past weekend, I used so much of it and it was a good chance to make some changes.  The before picture is after most things were taken out for the shower.

Here it is after.  I know that it is probably old fashioned but I think it is homey and makes my house cozier.  I spaced things out a little bit differently this time to showcase things in a new way.

I got this cup and saucer from the Nordstrom Junior League Event here in Charlotte.  Fun girly night that raised a lot of funds to benefit many charities in our city!

We do not use our formal china very often but when we do it makes the meal automatically special.  And although we don't use it daily (or even quarterly!), it is nice to look at it in the cabinet.  I pulled it out for the shower this weekend (more coming by the end of the week on that!) and hope we can do it again soon!

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