Jan 9, 2012

Soup and Sweaters Party!

Soups & Sweaters!

Our neighbors (and new friends), Erin and Russ, invited us over for a Soups and Sweaters party.  I love a theme and will never turn down the chance to meet new people...plus I really wanted to see what their house looked like.  It is so cute from the street!  At some point I need to have a separate post to showcase their home.  We have small homes in our neighborhood so it is always neat to see what people have done with the space.  It was cozy and inviting and a great place to gather.

The basic concept of the party was that they would serve soup and we all would wear sweaters.  You could wear a tacky sweater, a new sweater, a crazy sweater...it didn't matter. 

They set up the soup buffet in the kitchen...

Her labels on the soup were very cute.  There were three kinds of soup - Red Chili, Potatoe and Southern American Succotash Soup with Chicken.  I tried all three!  All were awesome!

On the opposite counter they had bread and salad as well as wine.  Beer was on the side porch.

The toppings were on the dining room table.  There were green onions, avocado and cheese.  Also very delicious cupcakes and s'mores by the fire for dessert.  I love how she used a book to be the bottom tier of her dessert tray.

Great party and a great theme!  

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