Jan 26, 2012

It's A Girl! Door Hanging

My cousin is having a little girl and I am hosting the baby shower at my home in just a few weeks.  I wanted to create something for my front door for the day of the shower.   I thought about a wreath but then I got the idea to create something that she could take with her and hang on the hospital door if she wanted.

Her nursery colors are lilac and white so I went through my scrapbook paper and ribbons and found some in pinks and purples.

I drew a vertical heart and cut it out out of cardboard.  Then I traced it onto two sheets of purple scrapbook paper. 

I then glued the paper to the front and back of the heart.  I picked out the ribbon I wanted to use.

Then I punched a hole in the "dip" of the top of the heart and at the bottom.  I made a loop to hang it on the door and then tied the rest in a large bow.  I did the same at the bottom. 

Then I made a pretty "E" for little Elise and glued it on the front.  Can't wait to hang this up on the shower day!

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