Jan 20, 2012

Art Exhibit Spotlight - LOL Art That is Seriously Funny

One nice thing about traveling is that airports often times have great art.  I went to Albany, NY this week and they did not let me down!  They currently have an exhibit called LOL Art That is Seriously Funny.  I suppose you would classify this art as Pop Art - it is definitely reminiscent of that genre.  And yes it was funny.  Here are some of my favorites.

This one spells DMV - and I know we all have funny stories from hours upon hours spent in our DMVs.

Then with a closer look you see that it is spelled with lots of people walking in line.  I feel like the DMV is where you truly see all members of our society - every walk of life suffering together.  It really is a bonding experience for mankind I think.  You see after hours of waiting you get philosophical...

 This is just good old irony.  They even had a photo of a guy hanging this out in the trees in a forest.

And this is my favorite from the show.  This one is lovingly titled "Granny Panties for My Ex-Girlfriend".  I wonder what she did to him to warrant the creation of this piece???

I love when art brings out emotion and humor isn't one that you always see.  At least not in this form anyway.  Thanks Albany airport for the chuckles this Thursday night!

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