Dec 13, 2011

Getting Dressed in the Morning Drama Eliminated!

Sadly, I have wasted many a morning standing in front of my closet wondering what to wear.  I am not sure if it is vanity or lack of organization but it is super annoying.  Now that I have a little one to get out of the door too I found I had to eliminate the morning drama.  Not to mention I would like to spend those precious minutes playing with Reed rather than staring at my clothes or even worse trying on multiple things.  Which happens often!

I travel for work and love getting ready in the mornings when I am away because there is never a question of what to wear.  So I decided to plan ahead and pick out all of my outfits.  If I can do it for travel, why can't I do it all the time.  The kicker was that I had to stick with my choices.

So here are my outfits all lined up in the front of my closet - jewelry and accessories included.

And that is not some weird brooch, it is an awesome cuff bracelet that one of my sorority sisters made.  It is super cute.  She calls them "Off the Cuff" which I love.  She takes fabric and covers cuff bracelets and then glues brooches or some other piece of jewelry to adorn them.

I even picked out all of my shoes - no repeats!

The result was that my morning was way less stressful.  I got an extra half hour (seriously that was how long it would take me to pick an outfit sometimes!) back to spend time with Reed.

Sometimes its the simplest solutions that are the best solutions.

Ah, peaceful mornings!  Love it!

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  1. My favorite thing about traveling was not having outfit drama! Of course Sunday evenings weren't very fun when I had to pick out 5 days of outfits, but the mornings were much easier because of the pre-planning. I keep threatening to do what you've done here and figure it all out ahead of time. I would be a lot more comfy and probably better dressed, on top of saving time!

    I need to know where I can get one of those cuffs! I love it!


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