Dec 15, 2011

Antique Wardrobe By Day, Craft Closet By...

I have this wardrobe in my guest bedroom that I just love.  The bedroom has sort of a bed and breakfast feeling to it and this piece ties in nicely.  I had been using it to store all of my painting, gift wrap and craft supplies and it was a MESS.  It was time to reorganize.

I had to find a way to fit all of this:

and all of this:

into this:

The wardrobe does have some shelves in it thanks to my father-in-law.  They used it to house their television way back when.  But the shelves weren't cutting it.  I wanted some way to store everything and keep it separated by category.  First I measured the space and set out for Wal-mart to purchase plastic containers.

After spending about $20 I now have a beautiful organized craft closet!  I didn't worry so much about the sizes - I just made sure they would fit.  I determined what would go in each box when I got home.  I can't wait to tackle my next project!  Love!

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  1. Come organize my hall closet!! This looks great Sarah!!


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